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The Million Dollar Seed by Stella TogoThe Million Dollar Seed: How to Write Your Book and Build An Empire accelerates writers and authors into being authorpreneurs with the speed of light! As the Book Writing and Marketing Acceleration Coach, Mentor and Author, Stella Togo offers a wealth of insider secrets and prosperous marketing strategies including “The 9 Steps to Plant Your Million Dollar Seed” before you begin to write your book.

With her new paradigm and accelerated systems, Stella shows you how to create a minimum of 25 topic titles and headings within your content that can also be used for eBooks, speaking engagements, teleseminars, blogs, and much more!

As an added bonus and true testament to her established credence, Stella shares success stories about her clients who are building their empires.


  • Discover the Top 15 Streams of Income
  • Save Time by Writing Your Book Once
  • Position Yourself as an Expert Author
  • Get Paid While Writing Your Book
  • Get to Know Your Market So Well the Book Sells Itself

“Thanks to Stella’s accelerated system and expertise, she has expanded my mindset way beyond just being an author! To my amazement, I have become an author, a coach and business owner in less than six months! Stella rocks!” — Steve Schloss, author of The Man’s Secret™ to a Happy and Sexy Marriage in Less Than 10 Minutes a Day

“As a visionary and coach, Stella has a natural gift for painting with a broader brush. From the very beginning the picture was clear, we were building a global empire. Based on one concept, each of the seven books is filled with empowerment tools to support the inspiring StarPals’ message. With deep appreciation, thank you Stella for opening the door of opportunity to positively impact our children worldwide!” — Kimberlee Schultz, author of The StarPals™ Series


In Honor of Women by Stella TogoDiagnosed with breast cancer at age 32, Crawley is a cancer survivor who insightfully and effectively eases a woman’s fear by helping her honor the divine spirit within. Highly recommended by Jack Canfield, editor of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series, women who fear, have, or know someone with breast cancer will experience this book as if having a heart-to-heart with a best friend.

Crawley leads with 101 Ways to Honor Yourself as a Woman, reminding women to do self-indulgent activities such as receiving a professional massage or treating themselves to a pedicure.

She offers inspiring suggestions to discover one’s mind, body, and soul: “Ask people who know you to share with you what they feel is special and beautiful about you. (Children are great for this one!)”

She insists on the necessity of living life as a receiver and not just a giver, establishing a new women’s movement called the Honor Movement.

Crawley introduces her revolutionary theory about women who do it all without the balance of the divine feminine spirit: “I believe that breast cancer is merely a symptom of what is occurring for women, and all humankind. In my opinion, breast cancer is just a name given to the enormous disease that women at large are experiencing.”

Readers will also find detailed suggestions on creating a 10-step healing plan, ways to support someone recovering from breast cancer, and clearly illustrated positions for giving themselves a visual breast inspection. This take-charge book offers new perspectives into illness and disease prevention, but is cozy enough to join you and a cup of your favorite herbal tea.