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Ghost Writer

All packages cover every genre and type of book including categories such as Self-development/Self-help, Children’s Books, Novels, Short Stories, Legacy Books, Industry Specific Manuals/Guides/Booklets/Pamphlets, and of course online versions of each type. Possibilities are endless with each package and vary according to the individual writer’s vision.

The Ghostwriter Writes The Book For You! This is the ideal package for the person who really wants a professional writer to write their book for them! Everything from writing, content development, editing and strategic marketing ideas are offered to the person who simply wants a beautifully published book…perfect for a retired individual who wants a legacy book that will last for many generations to come! We will best match a ghostwriter to your personality and genre to make the process easy!

If you are interested in a consultation, my coaching services, or have any questions at all, I would love to hear from you! You can either reach me at (714) 336-1148, or via email through the contact form.