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Author Success Stories on working with Stella Togo

The Third Muse


“Stella Togo is a consummate professional who brings a wealth of experience to the book publishing process. Her creative vision, exceptional marketing skills, keen intuition, and eye for detail make working with her an absolute delight. Above all, she is genuinely kind and compassionate with a sincere interest in her clients’ success. I highly recommend her!”

— Dana Micucci, author of the award-winning Sojourns of the Soul: One Woman’s Journey around the World and Into Her Truth and The Third Muse: A Novel



The StarPals by Kimberlee Schultz


“As a Visionary and Coach, Stella has a natural gift to paint with a broader brush. From the very beginning the picture was clear, we were building a global empire. Each of the seven books is filled with empowerment tools to support the inspiring StarPals™’ message.

“The Treasure Chart, I Am A StarPal™ Accountability Button, Social Emotional Empowerment Development (SEED) kit for elementary schools, plans for plush dolls, board games, cartoons, etc are just a scratch in the surface. In deep appreciation, thank you Stella for opening the door of opportunity to positively impact our children worldwide!”

— Kimberlee Schultz, author of The StarPals™ Series



The Diamond Principle by David Bartholomew“Stella has been coaching me with the completion of my book. I have gained a strong appreciation for the deep level of knowledge she brings to the table. One of her most impressive skills is her ability to quickly understand and to help me put in plain English business concepts that will result in a better product. In addition to her authoring skills, she is consistently a pleasure to work with and demonstrates a sincere commitment to my success. Without question Stella’s skills can assist anyone to develop a book that will have the broadest appeal to their target audience.”

— David Bartholomew, author of The Diamond Principle: The CEO’s Common-Sense, Time-Tested, 21st Century Guide and The Five Rules to Can’t-Miss Decisions and Getting Things Done.


Protect Your Writing


“Having a book coach has made my writing experience easier in many ways. First, simply having someone to be accountable to, keeps me on task. And second, I get ongoing excellent feedback as I write!

“Stella is a pleasure to work with. She keeps me on task, organized and motivated! I love working with her and the product that I am creating is so much better because of her involvement.”

— Maria Speth, Copyright Attorney and author of Protect Your Writing!



Taking Back Hedy


“Stella has coached me for many hours and lived every single page of my life with me. Her coaching is beyond reproach. Though many miles away, she wrapped her arms around me and coached me literally though each sentence. Nothing is left to chance with her. She has helped me to polish clean every word. My life and my writing have been enriched by meeting this lovely lady. Thank you Stella.”

Hedy L. Vann, author of Taking Back Hedy, 2nd Edition.