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For Creative Writers and Bloggers

All packages cover every genre and type of book including categories such as Self-development/Self-help, Children’s Books, Novels, Short Stories, Legacy Books, Industry Specific Manuals/Guides/Booklets/Pamphlets, and of course online versions of each type. Possibilities are endless with each package and vary according to the individual writer’s vision.


This package is for the occasional writer who just needs to check in from time to time or write as they go… This package is also great for free-lance writers, blog writers, screenplay writers, etc. Here we cover end game, organize your knowledge content and flow, and how to effectively say what you REALLY want to say!
This package is for the individual who wants to learn how to blog and save lots of time by planning your extraordinary headlines and powerful contents in minutes! Learn how to choose different angles to your writing that provoke thinking, inspiration and your desired outcome! Discover how blogging can increase your credibility and bottom line!


If you are interested in a consultation, my coaching services, or have any questions at all, I would love to hear from you! You can either reach me at (714) 336-1148, or via email through the contact form.