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A Special Valentine’s Day Wish for Single Women

A Special Valentine’s Day Wish for Single Women

It seems that there’s always plenty of attention given to couples on Valentine’s Day but very little, if any, to single women. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to say there is a wonderful thing you can do for any single woman in your life on this very special day, or any day for that matter.

Since most of us want to celebrate love, I find it is usually the single woman that is not in a relationship who most often feels alone or discounted on this day. Having been a single woman at various times in my life, I was inspired to share something extraordinary with you. Recently, I had the opportunity of working with Anthony Oshinuga, aerobatic pilot and author of Hooking Up with Mr. Right and Taking Flight. He’s been featured on IONs Television as a successful pilot and author.

What’s interesting about Anthony is that he had consulted with single women for about ten years. His expertise in aviation made for a very different approach to writing about dating, particularly for women ages 25-45. I began to ask him about some of the rules and engagements for flying a plane, as my intuition told me that they would tie in with some of the same principles for single women dating. I think it surprised us both how many of the rules apply!

In his book, Hooking Up with Mr. Right and Taking Flight, he includes 101 Ways to Attract Mr. Right.

Meet Anthony Oshinuga at

Anthony Oshinuga

So, if you are or know of a single woman interested in dating and finding your Mr. Right, you may want to start by purchasing your copy just in time for the big day!

By the way, I will mention that Anthony is taken and has a beautiful wife. However, he does provide coaching packages for single women and special flight packages that are available for groups or couples. Imagine taking a flight with your best friend, or girlfriends and stopping at some of the local wineries in Temecula, California for wine tasting!

May you have tons of fun, while you’re looking for your Mr. Right!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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