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Brett Bonecutter’s Journey as a Book Author

Brett Bonecutter’s Journey as a Book Author

One of my life’s goals was to write and publish a book, but I didn’t know where to begin. I didn’t have the discipline, the plan, and most importantly — I hadn’t found my voice.

Enter stage left, Stella Togo. She helped me get focused and kept me accountable. She gave the kind of deep and perceptive feedback that helped give shape and structure to my thoughts. And like any good coach, she didn’t just engage in the work itself — she engaged with me as a person. And that is what made the difference.

Without Stella my life goal might never have been achieved. And I can most certainly say that it would not have been done as well. Stella is a gift and has a gift.

If writing and publishing a book is a journey you want to take, don’t hesitate for a minute to follow her lead. Thanks again, Stella, for helping me on one of the most important journeys of my life!

— Brett Bonecutter, author of The Pajama Philosopher: Making Sense of the Mystery of Christ

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