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The Story of Patty Patience

The Story of Patty Patience

Kimberlee Schultz, author of The StarPals™ Series of books, is a great example of how one simple concept can easily grow into several products. Each of her books focuses on inspiring and empowering children to embrace a specific virtue exemplified by a particular character. Kimberlee took the series to a school to test it with children in a classroom. Bot the children and the teachers absolutely adored these books and characters!

The first testimonial she received was from a friend of hers who has 4-year-old twins. Soon after she read Patty Patience, the first of The StarPals Series, to her twins, they actually waited in the van with their hands in their laps until she came to the slider door. Surprised, she asked them what was going on. They replied, “We’re playing the Patty Patience game, Mommy!”

From that experience and many others Kimberlee developed the Social Emotional Empowerment Development (SEED) Platform for children. Working with the site coordinators of LA’s BEST After School Program, Kimberlee created a BEST Practices Model featuring the The StarPals Series to support a variety of learning styles in over 185 inner city schools.

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