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A Must Read For Authors and Book Writers Who Are Broke!

A Must Read For Authors and Book Writers Who Are Broke!

Ever wonder why so many people believe you can’t make money as a writer or an author? The truth is that it’s never been easier than it is today to make six and seven figures as an author! The problem is that most people write books without considering the marketing piece.

I wrote The Million Dollar Seed: How to Write Your Book and Build an Empire to help writers and authors blast through this belief as many of us are living proof of it!

The possibilities are endless when we approach book writing from a marketing perspective. With a self-publishing process and online services that include Print on Demand, we no longer need to have garages full of books. The days of selling one book at a time, fulfilling orders and doing costly book tours are long gone!

Today, there are so many new ways of doing business with the worldwide web. One can choose to tour from their office, never spend a dime on marketing and earn a significant living as an author. In addition, many of my clients come to me with different backgrounds and it’s lots of fun to combine their gifts. The key is to utilize all of one’s expertise, experiences and solutions in one book or a series.

Here’s a client who came to me as a pilot and also with ten years of experience as a relationship consultant. We combined both his mastery as an aerobatic pilot and created a coaching practice for him. His first book is not only the first of a series, but one of many products that will help single women find their Mr. Right. As you can see, the author combines his brilliance and most importantly he is successful at doing what he loves to do! We also added 101 Ways to Attract Mr. Right.

“I had the great privilege to work with Stella as my book coach. As I worked through the process of arriving at a completed book she took me through her marvelous steps found within The Million Dollar Seed. I can say first hand that the information found within The Million Dollar Seed does in fact work – I’m living proof. The Million Dollar Seed is for everyone who wants to build their empire – Go and build yours now!”

— Anthony Oshinuga, Pilot, Relationship Coach, Speaker, and Author of Hooking Up with Mr. Right and Taking Flight

Here Are 3 Important Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • How much do I want to earn on a monthly or yearly basis?
  • What is the one thing I can do all day and never tire? This can include one or more of the following: public speaking, blogging, training, coaching, interviewing, etc…
  • What group(s) of people am I solving a particular problem for?

Don’t buy into the old ways of thinking that you can’t make money as an author. Step into a new mindset and live your dreams!

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