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Break Through Writer’s Block

Break Through Writer’s Block

Writing Your Book

Being a writer’s coach, I’ll get a call from someone or meet someone every so often, who states they have a bad case of writer’s block. They have suddenly lost interest in writing and don’t know why they just can’t seem to get into the flow of things. I must admit I am usually interested in speaking with these individuals because I really want to know what stopped their creativity, and their flow. So, typically I take the individual through a brief series of questions to identify the reason for the block and to understand what it looks like for them. Once revealed, the individual will experience a feeling of relief and enthusiastically start writing again.

In my experience, I have found there are primarily three things that will stop a writer dead in their tracks. The first is a person who they value or look up to that at some point offers unsolicited critique…usually an emotionally negative experience. The second is a childhood memory of being told painful words regarding one’s writing that keeps replaying in their mind. The third is trying to write about something in which the writer has no passion or interest. The third is usually the easiest to transform or break through with a new approach.

Perhaps one of the worst cases was a middle-aged man, who had been writing for years. Sam came to me and told me he didn’t know why, but he had stopped writing for six years. After my little series of questions, we discovered that his mother, who was an English scholar, had ripped his work to shreds right about the same time he stopped writing his book. In addition, he told me that she scolded him quite frequently as a child on his school work.

Within thirty minutes or so, he realized what had happened to him. He quickly understood he had bought into his mother’s opinion about his work, regardless of the value it brought others. I was so excited for him as I witnessed a light go on in his face that was missing prior to our conversation. He thanked me for helping him refocus on his love for writing and his work. I, in turn thanked him for trusting me, and having the willingness to break through his block.

So if you find yourself blocked, ask yourself the following questions and be honest with yourself.

  • What happened in my life at the time I stopped writing?
  • Am I surrounded by someone who is not supportive of my writing?
  • If I could write about anything, what would I really love to write about?

When we write about the things we are passionate and excited about, the words effortlessly fly onto the page! I suggest you revisit what you were writing at the time and see if you can find a more interesting angle or perspective point.

Rewriting is another reason why people get blocked, particularly if what they are rewriting is a negative or an unpleasant experience they lived through. Who wants to relive an unpleasant experience countless times? Yet some make themselves do it until they burn out and ultimately shelf the work.

It is easy to get in our own way because we don’t want others to judge or criticize our work. It is normal to feel anxious or nervous especially if you’ve never written an article or a book. Remember that your passion has its own finger print. Coming from that space will spark interest and inspiration in your readers.

I became a professional literary coach largely due to having experienced several of these challenges myself. Fortunately, I was able to move past them and continue to kick the critic to the curb. No doubt, we are our worst critics. Yet, liberating ourselves from the negative thoughts or belief systems that no longer serve us, allows our creative spirit to flow like Niagara Falls! Of course, having a writing coach will catapult you to literally live in your creative power and passion!

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