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The Ten Most Common Mistakes Made by Book Writers

The Ten Most Common Mistakes Made by Book Writers
  1. The most logical place for most writers is to start with an introduction to their book. Not knowing any better, I did the same thing. Writing my Introduction first automatically placed me on a path that led me to personally re-write my book three times. Yikes!!! You really want to write your Introduction last. I know it sounds crazy but it works brilliantly!
  2. Many forget to tell stories that make it real for the reader so they can have an emotional experience. Emotional experiences and stories are what teach us the most…they are what we remember best!
  3. Writers also tend to write by way of New York instead of saying what they really want to say with just a few meaningful words. Don’t write a whole chapter to get to the meat and potatoes at the end. You will lose your reader. Start with the meat and potatoes at the beginning! Don’t worry, you won’t fall short or run out of great stuff! There’s a great exercise I do with my clients to get right to what’s important so it will keep flowing continuously throughout the book for them and their reader.
  4. Another tendency is to be vague about various points of interest. People like to be vague because it is safer than to come right out and tell it like it is… Remember your writing has your fingerprint if you stay with your passion! Let it Rip!!!
  5. Many writers will forget to acknowledge the people who supported their process as part of their book…or to have a Dedication page designated for someone special.
  6. Many writers will write the book first and then look at marketing it. The reverse process works much better as you can include parts of your marketing strategies within your book as you write it…workshops, websites, etc. Do your research before you begin to write your book.
  7. Writers will read other books similar to what they are writing about and re-word things thinking no one will notice…Definitely a NO NO! I often tell my clients to avoid reading any materials or books that are similar to their own (at all cost) so their book is unique, authentic, and perhaps even more marketable simply because it has your individual expression.
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